Thursday, November 17, 2011


 A 100% Canadian-Owned Beer Pioneer since 1984, we're dedicated to quenching the thirst of beer drinkers. Our mission: brew quality beer at great value. Our focus is on brewing craft beer that Canadians can be proud of. We believe that world-class results require focus and dedication and is an art as much as a science. We believe that there are really only two major components that go into brewing great craft beer; high quality ingredients and our brewmaster's skill, consistency and dedication. The result is an experience that's both unique and special. In a furniture factory turned brewery, Brick Brewing Company turned out 35,000 cases of beer in our first year. With over 25 years of brewing heritage, that number has increased north of 2.5 million. It seems the wisdom of relentlessly pursuing what people really want has paid off. Brewed for Ontario beer drinkers with only the finest and highest quality ingredients, this classic Canadian style lager delivers a crisp, easy-drinking finish that is less filling and has no aftertaste.