Wednesday, March 11, 2015


RAM Tour and CASE-IH Tour

We are excited to welcome a new format to rodeo for 2015!

The New RAM- CASE IH Rodeo Tour will feature Rodeos with 100% monies staying in Ontario.

All RAM Rodeos and CASE IH Ultimate rodeos will be open rodeos to any cowboys/girls - with no membership fee required.

 RAM Rodeo Tour and CASE IH Tour events will count towards year-end standings.  All points will count for the RAM Finals here in Ontario.


We have never before offered this much money at finals rodeos for Ontario Cowboys/Cowgirls!

  • RAM Championship – Estimated $50,000 Prize Money plus Finalist Jackets

  • Toronto Royal Winter Fair Invitational – $26,000.00 Prize Money

(Qualify for Finals - 60% of the eligible Rodeos) 

RMG Tour Highlights

  • No Membership fees

  • Youth Rodeo League

  • All money stays in Ontario 

Contestant Entry Information

Online entries through our website can be made as early as 7pm on the Thursday prior to entry day. You must have a Credit Card on Entry. A confirmation email will be sent to you at the completion of your entry.



EMAIL Entries:
PHONE Entry Line: 1-519 942 3011

Turn Out Line: 1-519 942 3011



Phone Entries 11:AM close at 2:30 PM Eastern Time (Ontario Time)

Finals Rodeo Count 2015

The Rodeo count for Finals qualification is 60% of eligible rodeos

*Event rules will follow the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association Rulebook
Special Ground Rule Amendments: (see website for current ground rules)

"NEW" RMG Youth League

At RAM – CASE IH rodeos there will be an opportunity for youth to compete in actual rodeos while learning their sport.

Youths 15 and under can enter any standard event with an opportunity to compete as a youth or senior member. 

There will be no memberships required. Jr. Bulls and Jr. Barrels will have a $20.00 entry fee with $200.00 Added prize money. For Adult events there is simply a $20.00 entry fee required to help pay for the stock. 

This run will count for Youth points with a Youth Year End Champion Buckle and Jacket awarded in each event. A Junior can enter the senior event for $20.00 Jr. rate or they may decide to enter at the regular senior rate which would count their run for both Youth and Rodeo points. This is designed to offer Youths an affordable way to enter rodeo. Runs will be drawn in the regular rodeo show or slack performances of the rodeo.